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Previous Meetings

The Wetlands & Watersheds Work Group has helped to develop a number of popular meetings over the years.  Below are links to some of those meetings.  Follow a link to a meeting to see if the abstracts, presentations or other products are available.

Wetlands & Watersheds Workshops

There have been 7 previous meetings of the Wetlands & Watersheds Work Group.  Click here to go to the annual meeting home page.

Hydric Soils

The Wetlands & Watersheds Work Group maintains close ties with the Mid-Atlantic Hydric Soils Committee, and helps them to host meetings dealing with salient issues concerning Hydric Soils, indicators, and problematic soils.  Click here to see the results of the Hydric Soils meetings.

Hydrophytic Vegetation

The status of plants suggested for inclusion on the National list of Hydrophytic Plants has sparked a great deal of controversy.  The Wetlands & Watersheds Work Group hosted a meeting dealing with problem plants, and the plants suggested for inclusion.  Click here for more details.

National Estuary Program Habitat Workshop

The Wetlands Work Group participated in a National Estuary Program special workshop.  The upshot of that workshop was a document entitled "How to prepare a Habitat Plan."  The Document is available from the Reilly Group web site. (  More information about the workshop can be found by clicking here.

Watershed Summit on the Delaware

The Wetlands & Watersheds Workgroup helped to make the Watershed Summit on the Delaware a success.  This important meeting was held at the Wyndham Hotel in Wilmington Delaware, September 13 through 15, 2004.    You can download an Adobe Acrobat (portable document - *.pdf file) Agenda by clicking here.    The version available here reflects the actual presentations from the Summit. This is a large file (~2 MB) and will require the Adobe Acrobat reader to use.  You can get the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free by clicking here.

Click here to go to the Home Page for: Watershed Summit on the Delaware: Making the Connection

Some of the presentations given at the Summit are available for your viewing pleasure and others will soon be available here for your viewing pleasure.


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